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We are lucky to have had so many words of praise from past customers at The Benwiskin Centre. We have included just a selection from guests from the last few years:

Students receiving language certificates at Benwiskin Centre


"Top Five Green Hostels in Europe"

The Benwiskin Centre was listed at number 1 in the ‘Top Five Green Hostels in Europe’ in an article written by Catherine Mack for the National Geographic’s Traveller Magazine.

Catherine Mack is an accomplished Journalist and freelance travel writer who is also an Ethical Traveller. Catherine is a passionate advocate of responsible tourism. Also in the top 5 were places in Crete, England, Southern Norway and Scotland. Catherine said about The Benwiskin Centre:

“Hire bikes and discover some of Ireland’s wildest and wettest valleys while staying at the Centre in the foothills of The Dartry Mountains. In the shadow of Benwiskin Peak, it features bunk rooms sleeping four and eight, plus a family room – all heated by solar panels and wood pellet boiler.“
Catherine Mack (July 2012)


"Wonderful place in and outside.  Great for children".
Burlina, Italy (Aug 2016)

"Wonderful hostel, so good that I'm going to stay 2 nights."
Giulia, Italy (August 2016)

"Very impressed, highly recommend.  5* hostel"
Sharon, Ireland (August 2016)

"Lovely surprise!!! Amazing place."
Leonard, Brazil (June 2016)

"So peaceful and welcoming, by far the best hostel I have ever stayed at"
Danielle, Denmark (June 2016)

"Excellant place, great facilities.  Extremely clean.  See you in June."
HPF. Ireland (May 2016)

"Was the best experience in Ireland."
Omitri, Lithuania (May 2016)

"I'm impressed!  This is a great place in a great area.  5* Hostel."
Ermanno, Ireland (Feb 2016)

"Lovely place.  Beautiful room.  Nicest Hostel"
Cathal, Ireland (November 2015)

"Thank you.  Our first Hostel experience was great!
Craig, South Africa (October 2015)

"Very good accommodation"
Jane, Ireland (February 2015)

"Welcoming, clean and quiet peace"
Marta, Slovakia (December 2014)

"So clean and comfortable"
Dean, Ireland (November 2014)

"Lovely place.  We enjoyed our stay.  Awesome concept.  Hope to see more eco-friendly places like this!"
Ceara, USA (October 2014)

"We enjoyed our stay here.  The hostel is comfortable, the landscape wonderful"
Rig, Germany (October 2014)

"Better than 5 stars"
El, China (June 2014)

"We planned on 1 day and stayed for 3"
Susan, Canada (May 2014)

"Coming back since 2004"
Jim, Ireland (September 2013)

"Continually amazed at how a 5 star hotel standard is being kept".
Peter, Ireland (June 2013)

"Powerful landscape. Good vibes".
Aran, USA (June 2013)

"Simply the best".
Saresera, Italy (June 2013)

"Fabulous place, will recommend. Really enjoyed our stay".
Bridie, Ireland (June 2013)

"Wonderful treasure in EIRE. Really enjoyed every minute".
Keith, USA (June 2013)

"Lovely place and very nice people".
Amelie, France (April 2013)

"What a lovely place you have here. Everything here for a really nice stay".
Rose, Ireland (March 2013)

"Place of serenity and delight. Hope to experience more of it".
Catherine, Ireland (February 2013)

"Wonderful, the cleanest hostel I have ever visited".
Alison, Australia (November 2012)

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