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Annual Events

Every year at The Benwiskin Centre, events are held which brings together friends and families from the local communities. We hope you enjoy just a selection of photos taken at these events.

April - Ballintrillick Environmental Group (BEG) Annual Clean Up around Ballintrillick

BEG was originally made up of 9 volunteers back in 1992 who came together to clean up the area as a result of illegal dumping. In 2000, they opened The Benwiskin Centre which is used as a community centre for classes and functions, a place for the local community to use for meetings and socials and it is also run as a tourist hostel.

The Ballintrillick Clean Up has continued as an annual event and in 2014, welcomed for the first time the 12th Sligo Ballintrillick Group and reported a record attendance by children on Saturday 29th March at it's clean up of the Ballintrillick area.  Beavers and Cubs from ages 6-11 formed from schools all over the community who use the Benwiskin Centre as their meeting venue on Monday nights. Children from the local school, St. Aidans also participated along with original members from 1992 (the oldest of them up to approx. 80 years of age) and other past members from latter years together with their families. BEG are very grateful for the co-operation provided by North Sligo County Council team members over the years.

The group covered the whole of Ballintrillick, including The Gleniff Horseshoe area, which had recently seen an increase of illegal dumping and they all congregated at The Benwiskin Centre where soup and sandwiches were provided by staff from The Centre and Noreen Duignan, founder member of BEG.

A huge thank you to everyone that took part and made this event such a success which benefits the whole community and continues to bring tourists to the area.

Lisa Lomax, Chairperson, BEG (2014)

2017 to present day
In 2017, BEG group members and other community members completed the 25th 'clean up' of the Ballintrillick area.  A huge thank you to all those who help out with this event.  To mark BEG's 25th Anniversary, the group hosted a range of community events in 2017.  

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If anyone would like to join BEG or participate in the annual clean ups, please contact Jackie Warnock at The Benwiskin Centre on 071 9176721.

January - Winter Social

March/April - Ballintrillick clean up

Annual Clean up around Ballintrillick Clean up day

April / May - The Alzheimer's Society of Ireland Tea Day

Alzheimer event

June - BEG Summer Social 

July/August - Summer Camps

August - Heritage Event

Heritage day at The Benwiskin Centre  Churning butter at The Benwiskin Centre St Brigids Cross making at The Benwiskin Centre

July or August - Summer Camp

September - Harvest Fair

Annette Coleman from Sligo Garden Flowers Aidan Gillan at the Harvest Fair at The Benwiskin Centre

October - Halloween activities

- Christmas Fair


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