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Guided woodland forays of North Sligo and North Leitrim


Take a 'wander' in the local landscape learning about the unique history and diverse ecosystem with Shailagh Healy, an arboriculturalist, chartered  herbalist and orchardist.  Shailagh consults with the private and public sector on trees and facilitates learning landscape programmes to both schools and public centres. 


  • Shailagh has over 17 years experience in the arboricultural field.

  • Consulting in the Republic and abroad with State bodies, county councils, loss adjusters, architects and other private and public sector groups and private residence.

  • Qualifications and training from the Arboriculture Association’s Technician’s Certificate, ISA Risk Assessment and Arborist Certification, and Urban Forestry Certificate from Flemming College in Canada. Environmental Studies at Trent University Canada.

  • Chartered Herbalist and active botanist in Irish flora fauna.

  • On the panel of Education Experts for the Heritage Council.

Skilled & Experienced in:

  • Orchard Tree Cargillans woods and McClures 014

  • Urban Tree Maintenance

  • Tree Inventory

  • Tree Protection Orders

  • Woodland Management

  • ISA standard Pruning

  • Tree Health Assessment

  • Plant & Tree ID

  • Tree Retention Planning

  • Educational Tool Building

  • Woodland Guide

  • Tree Risk Assessment

  • Disorder & Pathology ID

  • Planting/Transplanting

  • Landscape Design

  • Chainsaw/Chipper Certified

  • Plant Health Consultation

If you would like to book a 'wander' for your stay, please call Shailagh on ++353 85 244 5572

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