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Catherine Mack is a freelance travel writer specialising in responsible /Eco travel.

She has written for many newspapers and magazines and also published her first guidebook in June 2008, Ecoescape:Ireland which you can purchase here 

The Benwiskin Centre was featured in this book and recived some great press at the time including The Guardian and RTE1 with Pat Kenny

"From this community-run hostel, you can take on some of the finest walking and cycling in Ireland. Into the Gleniff Horseshoe Valley, where Irish myth tells us, lovers Gráinne and Diarmuid spent their last night together before dying, watched on and unaided by jilted lover Fionn. Dramatic landscape in every sense."

Now keeping up with the times Catherine has created "Ireland Green Travel app" This Ireland–wide iPhone travel app was created by Catherine Mack, who has carved out a career in writing about green and sustainable travel.

Ireland Green travel app covers everything you would need for a ‘back to nature’ holiday in Ireland, from eco-friendly accommodation to wholesome activities, low impact travel options and organic local food options. This app should prove to be an excellent travel companion for you. You can download it here

Speaking at the recent release of the app, Mack said: 

“I am a battered old guidebook sort of a traveller really. However, the joys of being able to update it whenever I want, and knowing that people who have bought it will get those updates straight away, was a revelation. Also, being able to link directly to train timetables, Google Maps, walking or cycling trails, You Tube videos, and adding as many photos as I want, all in one tiny screen, has made me wake up to greener travel guidebook options. This way, it will always be a work in progress and, hopefully, travellers can get to see all of Ireland’s ever growing number of truly green gems, not just the emeralds”.

Here’s to many more great finds…

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