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The Magic Road!

Great article on recently which I've just edited down to tell you about our local one in Ballintrillick. 

Ah, Ireland.
(Seanchaí voice)
A land rich in lore and legend. Steeped in story and myth. Where fairy forts dot sheep-speckled fields, the howl of the banshee strikes fear in the heart and the door to the other side hangs ever ajar.
(Bear with us)
Where stories of strange nocturnal goings-on and dealings with the ‘little people’ have long been used as a currency to make small children toe the line, and more importantly to pry another few quid from our US visitors.
“Come here to me,” said yer man, leaning conspiratorially closer, the smell of turf smoke and poteen potent in the air.
“Have ye been up to see the Magic Road?”

Yes, Ireland's 'magic roads' are 'a thing' - a stretch of roadway, usually well off the beaten track and hidden up a succession of byways and boreens, where if you stop the car and let the handbrake off, the vehicle will mysteriously and eerily roll uphill.
We joke you not.
Up. The. Hill.
The explanations for the magic road phenomenon vary depending on who you're talking to - and either fairies or 'magnetic fields' are often cited - but the real answer is pretty simple. It's an optical illusion, where the layout of the landscape makes it look like the slope is going one way, but in fact it's going the other.
So your eyes, rather than the fairies, are playing tricks on you.
Around the world, magic roads are known as 'gravity hills' or 'magnetic hills', and there are hundreds of them.

We have one beside us in the Gleniff Horseshoe.  Honestly! Its very good! 

View on Google maps here

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